We’ve Got Your Restaurant Aprons Covered!

Restaurants that are able to present themselves as unique entities in service, product and overall theme tend to build stronger repeat customer bases. The theme that a restaurant carries is, often, the first customer interaction with that establishment and can determine whether a customer revisits.

There are several aspects involved in a restaurant’s theme. A theme is the restaurant owner’s conceptual presentation. Therefore, the theme should be carried out throughout the restaurant. From an owner’s point of view, the consistent presentation of the restaurant can be invaluable at retaining customers and pushing repeat business. By displaying the character of the restaurant from the entryway to the lavatories, the customer becomes immersed in the owner’s vision which aids in building a rapport and positive memory association. This theme reinforcement, through all facets of the establishment, will lead to repeat business from the customer and also to a strong “word of mouth” reference.

Every restaurant has its own character. From novelty aprons to branded hats, a restaurant’s staff represents the theme. For example, in a theme restaurant, novelty aprons can assist the staff in “getting into character”. If the staff displays the theme to the customer at every turn, the overall experience will be more likely to become imbedded into the customer’s memory.

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Oftentimes, the customer experience will be impacted greatly by the aesthetics. If the customer has a great time and absorbs the ambiance of the establishment, then a positive memory can be established. If a customer has an interaction with any aspect of the restaurant that is less than pleasant, it could negatively impact their memory of the entire experience. Recurring themes assist in building a consistent customer experience.

It is imperative that restauranteurs find ways to imprint their restaurant into the brains of the customers. In doing so, the customer will be more readily able to pass on their recommendations to their friends, family and anyone else who may ask their opinion. Positive recollection, established by theme branding, can be the most effective advertising tool for a restaurant.

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