♧ As Luck Would Have It… â™§

Ever hear the expression, “Just my luck!” ?

Well, I think we all know that there are pessimists in the world, people who choose to remain negative in thought and speech. And then there are the others, who are all about staying happy, being positive, and displaying optimism. We, for one, prefer the latter way of thinking. Happy people are our favorite people!

Another favorite group of people of ours is the unique and stylish yet vintage and expressionists type of people. People with an old school, hip, “apron mindset” if you will.

We also love people in the restaurant business. People who dare to be different. Who take pride in standing out, being fun, and making a lasting impression. That is precisely what Apron Attitudes aprons can provide for those happy, unique, stylish people of the world and of the restaurant industry. We are the aprons, we are the uniforms, we are the full length and waist aprons, we are the kitchen and chef and restaurant styles – that ROCK.

Are you Irish? Doesn’t even matter. Because even though St. Paddy’s Day has recently ended, you are still in luck!

Who doesn’t like stylish?

Who doesn’t like to stand out?

Who doesn’t like uniforms with pizazz?

Or aprons with attitude?

And who doesn’t like FREE?

Check this out 🙂

To Your Uniform Success ~ ApronAttitudes.com


Fundamentals of the Kitchen

It’s not as hard as it may sound to grasp the basic fundamentals of the kitchen. Just a few little ingredients…and voila! Kitchen awesomeness.

1) Use the right veggies & spices, and display delicious colorful fruits

(and look cute while doing it in these fruits & veggies themed custom-made aprons!)

tomato apron








2) Be the QUEEN (or King) of your jungle in the kitchen!

(and do it with our super hot animal print aprons)

ApronAttitudes.com - cheetah full length apron











3) Be festive and fun in your kitchen, no matter what day or month it is!

(show off your ability to rock any holiday at any time in these awesome holiday aprons)

halloween apron











Oh, and don’t forget… before you leave the house or head to a baseball game (now that baseball season is here!), don’t forget to put on your Apron Attitudes Welders Cap! Protect your eyes from UV rays and save your complexion – shade your beautiful face under these stylish caps.

black white welders cap












Stay apron awesome, my friends!

xo  ~ApronAttitudes.com

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