BEST. WINGS. EVER. (a yummy ‘citrus-grilled chicken wing’ recipe for you)

Mmmm…. we can smell those grills cookin’ up some good stuff just in time for warmer weather & Memorial Day weekend!

Isn’t this time of year the greatest?  Sunshine, bbqs, and togetherness.

We all tend to overlook the simple things at certain times in our life, but if we can all try to take in the small, intimate & fun moments, things will seem just that much happier.

Now… on to the yummy stuff! As promised, here’s an easy & delish recipe for citrus-grilled chicken wings:



– prep grill at medium heat

– 3 to 4lbs chicken wings, rub with 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil & season with sea salt & black pepper (as desired)

– put chicken wings skin side down onto grill and turn them occasionally

– take 2 orange halves & 2 lemon halves and squeeze them over each side as they’re flipped on the grill

– do this until they’re thoroughly cooked (roughly 20 minutes or until their internal temp reaches 165° in the thickest part of the meat)

– And voila! Done and done.



OH! And let us not forget to look like the bbq-ing babes that we are in one of these amazingly unique & fun apron attitudes items!

To your uniform success,

Apron Attitudes


Image Image







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